Shooting für Honey & Milk in Barcelona

Sexy Einteiler, designed by Franziska Balzer. Shop here.

Für das erste offizielle Shooting für das neue Label von Franzi Balzer, Honey & Milk, sind wir nach Barcelona gereist, wo ich das Team um Franzi, Ruben Elstner und Sandy Fähse mit Hair & Makeup unterstützt habe.

Fotos by Ruben Elstner | Model Franzi Balzer | Hair & Makeup Michelle Wolfe

„The Dance – Hidden in the mirror image of our souls“

Model Widget:  ´´ This project is based on my own devotion to dancing. It shows how two people can share this passion and not only discover themselves, but also support each other, understand each other without words and just be there for one another.

In the beginning both are highly motivated and full of ideas how to express their feelings and to give one hundred percent in their dance training. But through this they fall into a deep hole of desperation. They feel they are not good enough and are sad about their self-imposed failure. But during this time they support each other, catch each other’s fall and grow closer together. Caught in their self-doubt they reassure each other and try to find a new meaning in their work. This re-found trust gives them new hope. The dancer has gained new strength and motivation and tries to pass this on to her. Both stop in their thoughts and then everything begins to change. They find strength to create something new and start to open their hearts to the dance and their counterpart. Dedicated they discover themselves in their dance and get drawn into the spell of their soul dance.´´

Published in HUF Magazine

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Fotos by Anne Hoffmann | Models Model Widget & Max Tizian | Designer (last two Sets) Toirniquet Costume Arts | Hair & Makeup Michelle Wolfe